Empower your E-Commerce Business with New Technologies and make it Future Ready

by Smitha Adarsh

Oct 05, 2019

In the world of uncertainties, change is the only thing that is constant. What is change? Change is something different from what it is. Discovery of fire changed our eating habits from raw food to cooked food. Invention of Electricity changed our life style. Over years, we men are changing things to lead a better lifestyle. It is not just we, but even the nature is changing and the weather conditions are changing. The creatures that did not adapt to the changing natural conditions and weather conditions became extinct. The creatures that adapted to the changes survived to start living in a different manner. Similarly, human minds, tastes, preferences, all changes from time to time. The universal law of the world in which we do business in is change, and that is the only one that is constant and , change is inevitable.

What are a few of the technological changes we have seen over last two decades? The changes we have seen in a span of two decades is much more that what we saw over a century, i.e., from 19th century to 2000 century. Some of the include:

·        -  A change in the gaming industry-earlier during 90s, brick games were popular, and later came the video games and today we have XBox.

·        - A change in the entertainment industry - starting from just two or three Doordarshan channels that required an antenna, later came the dish tv with a wide range of channels.

·         - Similarly, from floppy disk with a capacity of 1.44 mb storage to Pen Drive with a storage capacity of 1 terabyte.

·        -  The other major change that happened is from buttoned mobile phones to smart phones.

E-Commerce History and Evolution

Similar to the above changes, Customers' shopping habits also has seen a major change over years - Brick and Mortar or physical store shopping to online shopping.  Online shopping was first pioneered by Michael Aldrich in the United Kingdom. He altered a domestic television through a telephone line to a real-time multi-user transaction processing system. The system was then promoted in the United Kingdom, in the beginning of 1980 and catered to business-to-business needs in UK, Ireland and Spain. 

Next, in the year 1992, Charles M Stack flourished as a dial-up bulletin board. Two years later, Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos. From then, Amazon has been the first ever retailer to launch an online book store and to see a constant growth to become the world's largest online retailer. And, what is the only reason that today they are the eCommerce giant?  Brick and Mortar or Physical book stores that were limited to 200,000 titles couldn't compete with Amazon that offered exponentially more titles to the book lovers without any physical limitations. Gradually, Amazon's range widened to music, videos, electronics, apparel, food, furniture and toys. Their success directly relates to changing from time to time, to match the needs of the Customers and their shopping patterns.

Some of the highlights on the growth of eCommerce

·        -  In the year 2005, Amazon's prime member ship at an annual fee was launched for their Customers to get free two-day shipping.

·        -  In 2011, Google launched its online wallet payment App.

·        -  In 2017, Instagram and Facebook introduced shoppable tags allowing people to sell directly through their social media platforms.

·         - Currently, large retailers are pushed to have online stores to sustain the competition and small retailers are now doing business on social media platforms.

Actionable steps to thrive in the current and volatile eCommerce trend

Unique Selling Ideas

 Every business owner will have a unique selling idea. Let us have a look at some of the unique selling ideas that flourished as a unique eCommerce business.

·       -  Location based food ordering and delivery in food industry.

·       -  Online medicine ordering and delivery by uploading Doctor's prescription in the application

·      -   Subscription based daily needs ordering and delivery such as milk, meat, vegetables, daily pooja items, etc

·      -   Tailoring and stitching services including online measurement.

·       -  Peak season businesses like clearance sale and discounts for stock balancing.

·       -  Customized t-shirts, coffee mugs, pens, etc

·       -  Sale of digital assets and services like code and design

We see that each idea is different. However, all these ideas are backed by one common support, which is 'Technology'. Technology plays a vital role in eCommerce and any eCommerce business with a unique selling idea has to be backed by the right technology. Meaning, if a Unique selling idea has to work in real time, and if it has to sustain in the long run, moving forward, then, it has to be backed by the futuristic technologies that can support it completely.

New technologies that can empower eCommerce businesses and make it future ready


·        To differentiate one e-store from another, it's necessary to avoid any repetition of style. Node JS eCommerce websites go together with completely different themes and guide layouts and facilitates eCommerce businesses to stand out in the competition.

·         NodeJS can build more secure eCommerce platforms than other technologies. NodeJS can facilitate development of single page checkout, without compromising on the security part. In NodeJS eCommerce websites, once the user logs out, session identifiers get destroyed.

·         NodeJS is the best technology to offer personalized shopping experiences to Customers. Data analysis, shopping pattern analysis, sending offers and discounts through customized emails cannot be easier with any other eCommerce platforms than the ones built on NodeJS.


According to Justuno, 93% of the Consumers consider visual appearance to be the key deciding factor in whether or not to make a purchase on the eCommerce website

According to Kiss metrics, Colour Psychology study, 42% of the users base their overall opinion of a site on its design alone.

What does Angular offer for eCommerce applications?

·         Builds one of the best eCommerce applications that will not just have attractive look, feel and design, but also will be user-friendly applications, where your Customers will get a seamless online shopping experience.

·         The best thing about Angular eCommerce is it treats your clients with fluid UX standards. So, unwanted pages may stop loading.

·         It helps in detailed tracking of user actions, pages bounces, profiles and more.

·         You can use Google-based application Firebase that eliminates the dependency of sysadmin to run your store without extra cost.

Wrapping Up

·       -  Is your unique selling eCommerce idea working in real-time?

·     -    Are you getting the traffic as expected in your eCommerce website?

·      -   Is your traffic getting converted?

·      -   Are you seeing a constant increase in eCommerce sales?

Despite a unique selling idea, if your eCommerce business is not performing as per the above mentioned parameters, then your eCommerce application is not empowered by a modern technology that can make your eCommerce business future ready. Check out Spurtcommerce today and know what it can offer for your eCommerce business. To know more, visit www.spurtcommerce.com




Smitha Adarsh